anmar news • week #61

61 weeks since the launch of my design site, anmar* .

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No comment… #53

Paraphernalia 30 • Παραφερνάλια 30

April • illustration • Απρίλιος

Manu Chao • Poster

Endangered Species leaflet • Φυλλάδιο για προστατευόμενα είδη

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*ANMAR creative design center came to life in 1994 and it’s the brain child of my father [Anakreon Kanavakis] and me.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. 61 weeks!!!!
    I feel weak!
    Just kidding, but time sure flies.
    To bad it doesn’t know how to fly backwards.

  2. Week 61 oh what fun. Cubist and ducky, primary colors, Athina, Paris, Malino how lucky. A fantastic 4 for April fools, no fooling around in the smoking pool. The fickle finger of fate, poor kid, not cool.

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