William Turner “The Lake of Zug”

The Lake of Zug

Watercolor over graphite • Romanticism • 29,8 × 46,6 cm [53,3 × 68,6 cm framed] • 1843 • The Met Museum

The sun rises between the mountains Rossberg and Mythen behind the town of Arth while, in the foreground, nude girls play in the lake as villagers approach the shore and set out in boats. Returning from the Swiss Alps, Turner solicited patrons for large watercolors to be based on sketches from the trip. This view was commissioned by Hugh Andrew Johnstone Munro of Novar in 1843, and was later owned by John Ruskin.


Joseph Mallord William Turner

English Romantic landscape painter, watercolourist and printmaker,
painter of still lifes, landscapes, and figures,
was born in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London,

April 23, 1775.

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  1. I knew it was Turner – an amazing painter he may have figures in it but his treatment of water, mists, sky, clouds – atmosphere was and still is so remarkable. Landscapes? Seeing abstractly.
    And the paintings are so large – standing in front of them it is easy to get lost.
    Don’t remember seeing this portrait – such an interesting period of art and artists
    Hope you and yours are blessed with a lovely Easter.

    • I love his landscapes and though they may seem abstract [some], they are so ‘clear’ to me! Indeed you can get lost in them!
      Thank you, my friend! We’re having a lovely quiet Easter [fireworks excluded, which are Hera’s worst nightmare!]
      Happy Sunday and paw waves!

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