Diego Velázquez “Las Hilanderas”

Las Hilanderas [The Fable of Arachne*]

*Also known as The Tapestry Weavers or The Spinners

Oil on panel • Baroque • 220 x 289 cm • 1655 • Museo del Prado, Madrid

self portrait

Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez

Spanish painter
was born in Seville, Spain

June 6, 1599,

His style: Baroque

Check my tribute to this great painter here: Diego Velázquez


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  1. Diego Velázquez was brilliant. I have read that his work influenced the 19th-century realist and impressionists painter. Imagine the wealth of his knowledge and the legacy he gave to a new generation of painters. I especially like his painting, Las Meninas, because I must go deeper than just a brief glance. He is complex and challenges me to deal with the uncertain relationship between the viewer and the figures within the painting. The mirror reflecting the upper bodies of the king and queen – how do they fit within this painting. Extraordinary.

    Thank you for another fabulous post on painters, Marina. I learn so much every time I stop by your place. Sending hugs along with my gratitude.

  2. qué maravilla! me encanta.


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