anmar news • week #73

73 weeks since the launch of my design site, anmar* .

Second week we interrupted our regular design posts. This time honoring the Sun.

** 21st was the Summer Solstice, so the week was dedicated to the Sun.

Titles & images are clickable and will direct you to the specific post.

Exploring the Sun #7

Exploring the Sun #6

Exploring the Sun #5

Exploring the Sun #3

Exploring the Sun #2

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You’ll have the privilege of getting the news first. Our crow is a friendly one and promises not to flood you with useless information. 😉

*ANMAR creative design center came to life in 1994 and it’s the brain child of my father [Anakreon Kanavakis] and me.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. You have such a sunny aspect Marina that Apollo must be smiling on you 😉
    and oh what a super solar series of shots here (I could not resist that alliteration!). Naturally, it had me singing along with Pink Floyd
    “Making the shape of his question to Heaven
    Whether the sun will fall in the evening
    Will he remember the lesson of giving?

    Set the controls for the heart of the sun”
    p.s. I witnessed the solstice through bubbly so my steps home almost faltered

  2. Wonderful!
    I have a beautiful suntan after this Anmar News! 😉

    Umm… so I went to your MK-O website.
    It says the site is not secure.
    I can use your page on your Art Towards a Happy Day site, OR Do you have a YouTube Channel?
    I can still use you website if you prefer.
    Sending LOVE!!!!!

    • Suntan sounds good!! 🤣🤣
      Thank you dahling.
      That’s odd… it’s a site.
      mkomusic is oyr you tube channel.

      • I went back to the MK-O site today. It still says not secure. You might want to check it out. Could just be a setting needs to be changed!

        • I checked with our host and they changed our ssl so it shows secure. However some of the images I’ve uploaded need to be changed (from http to https.. whatever! 🙄) so that it’s totally clear.
          Thank you, dahling!!!!

  3. Super sun shots! Thank you for sending my way as it’s been overcast, raining and blowing a gale here! Did I say we’ve just passed the summer solstice, mid summer? Enjoy the remainder of your weekend 😎😊🙋‍♂️

  4. Enjoy your Sunday, dear 🐓. The weather gods have seen fit to celebrate the end of your homage-to-the-sun week here by sending heavy rain all day! But even that is a perfect manifestation of the absolute ☯👌☂


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