July Cloud

Here I am


the darkness


Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Nice one, M🐓K.

    Liking the final shot, where ‘they’ seem to have forgotten to fill in a small patch of blue.

    ▫ H a p p y ▫ F r i d a y ▫


    • You did!!!!
      ..and happy weekend too!!!! (taking it even further!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣)

      • ❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽

  2. A little puff of hope!
    May it settle over all places that need some!
    Sweet post, Marina.

      • …and some your way ❤🤗❤❤🤗❤
        and for Hera! ❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽❤🤗❤🧽🧽

        • xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
          …and now for the sponges!!!!

  3. I love those clouds. What great shapes and layers with the little white piggy cloud on its way to the market. ¡A la machina! You Eeeven got the antenna in the last shot.

  4. Thursday is nearly over but it was a good one, meeting with one of my sisters for coffees and teas. Your cloud photos are brilliant, I especially love that little one. We’ve had blanket cloud for the last few days so missed the supermoon! 😒 Disappointing, but made up for it by looking at the photos from the James Webb Space Telescope. Amazing! Awesome! 😊

    • Ah, thank you, my friend!
      I hope you had a great time with your sister and yes that telescope does anazing job!!!
      Happy Friday, and weekend ahead!

  5. OH CNL! Don’t you just love those little puffs of white in a sky of dark and menacing clouds?
    Such a big job the little fella has 🙂

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