Edgar Degas “Horses in a Meadow”

Horses in a Meadow

Oil on canvas • Impressionism • 31,8 x 40 cm • 1871 • National Gallery of Art


Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas [Degas]

French artist
was born in Paris, France

July 19, 1834

His style: Impressionism

Check my tribute to this great painter here: Edgar Degas

& here: Edgar Degas


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  1. The gift of art … precious!
    Love to you and Hera!

  2. I remember him and his fabulous paintings, Marina. I’m drawn to the horses. Animals and landscapes are my favorites. Thanks for sharing again, dear friend. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hooray … an artist that I know! 🙂 Very timely because next Monday I will be visiting an immersive experience featuring Monet and other Impressionists including Degas. Now I wonder if Horses in a Meadow will be part of it. Yamas!

  4. Another wonderful tribute Marina. Horses in a Meadow brings back memories of visits to my grandparents. When I think of Degas, I envision his ballet paintings. This painting gives us another side of his artistic impression.

    • I know, but he’s done so many other themes beautifully. As I was saying to Tim, there’s a tenderness in this image which could also contribute to your fond memories.

  5. 🐴🐴


  6. Spectacular art, I love the works of Degas. It’s interesting that his art’s monetary value is now surpassed by Kahlo. Thank you for sharing this beautiful painting ( I didn’t know he was a French artist!) ❤️

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