Fauré : Automne, performed by Philippe Jaroussky [reblog]

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Είμαι μεγάλος φαν του κόντρα-τενόρου Philippe Jaroussky, έχοντάς τον παρακολουθήσει από το ξεκίνημα της δισκογραφικής καριέρας του – σημείο αναφοράς για τους φίλους του μπαρόκ. Εδώ, σε διαφορετική, ρομαντική επικράτεια, ερμηνεύει απαράμιλλα μια “φθινοπωρινή” μελωδία του Gabriel Fauré.

I’m a huge fan of counter-tenor Philippe Jaroussky, having followed him since the beginning of his recording career – a reference point for friends of baroque music.
Here, on different, romantic territory, he performs in his incomparable way an “autumn” melody by Gabriel Fauré.


❝ Autumn with a misty sky, with heart-breaking horizons,
With rapid sunsets, with pale dawns,
I watch the flow, like the water of a torrent,
Of your days made of melancholy.
My thoughts, carried off on wings of regret,
As if it were possible for our life to start over,
Travel while dreaming through the enchanted slopes
Where in former days my youth smiled!
I feel in the bright sunlight of a victorious memory
The slender rises blooming again in a bouquet
And I feel rising to my eyes tears ❞


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