The clouds, storming in…

storming in
always a joy* to watch

Happy Monday, everyone!

*just rain and thunder, unlike the threatening warnings texting us to stay in!

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  1. You are so lucky to live at an elevation with such a view. I used to watch the wind, rain and sun but nowadays it’s a few stars and the moon making their way through the city’s light pollution. And the odd fallen leaf. I miss nature!

  2. It’s always so beautiful how sunlight hits some clouds and not others. What, no catastrophic lightning, no hurricane, no tornado, no straight line winds, no golf ball sized hail?? They like to scare us to keep us inside and “safe.” Happy over the hump day, Marina!

  3. Happy Wednesday!!!!
    You sure have some dramatic clouds where you live.
    One day we might have some here.
    Thing is, we live beside a lake, and it shuttles in unexciting drab grey skies.
    Or, it’s so bright, I can’t see.

    Love ya! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • …and a happy Thursday too, dahling!
      It’s probably because we are surrounded by mountains.
      A lake has other advantages!
      Love ya too and sending lots and lots of hugs and kisses!
      From you know who too!!!!

  4. Oh wow… These are certainly billowing in some weather…
    We too had high winds and heavy rain last couple of days..
    I love a good storm.. 😉 and we have one coming shortly! I feel that may rock the world.. ❤

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