Pisces the imaginative

[19 February – 20 March]

Today is the first day of Pisces, the twelfth sign of the Zodiac.

Pisces is a water sign.

Sweet, sensitive & imaginative Pisces are ruled by mystical Neptune and lucky Jupiter.

Starting from the last [12th] sign, I’ll be posting these original illustrations, Anakreon Kanavakis created for a calendar. [check it out here]

I love these so much, I designed a whole set of products with them at my art shop.

Here are a few.

Happy Sunday, everyone and a great week ahead!

and… Happy birthdays to all Pisces out there!

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    • Ah… yes, like you and me!!!!!! 😉
      I will forward your kind words, my friend!
      Ambrosia on the way… Zeus quality!

  1. So beautiful and full of energy, Marina! Love your creativity! And my husband thanks you for the birthday wishes as his special day is next weekend. 🙂
    Happy Sunday to you and hugs for a wonderful week! 💙💗🧡🎉🎉

    • Thank you so much, Lauren.
      I recall we have very close birthdays / date days!. Your husband is just 2 days apart from mine and we are 4 days apart! 😉
      Happy Monday and a wonderful week to you, my dearest friend!

  2. I love this!
    At first I thought..OH she’s going to do art for all the signs.
    Then I saw that your dad already has.
    This is a fun post, especially with winter 2/3 over on Tuesday, and spring on its way!
    I hope you sell lots! Hmm, S6 should do doggie t’s.
    What sign is Hera?
    Well, until I find out, xo🏄‍♂️🧽xo🏄‍♂️🧽xo🏄‍♂️🧽xo🏄‍♂️🧽xo🏄‍♂️🧽xo🏄‍♂️🧽xo🏄‍♂️🧽xo🏄‍♂️🧽

    • So happy you like it, dahling!
      Unfortunately we don’t know Hera’s birthday, as she was already 2-3 years old when we adopted her. It is likely that she’s a summer pup [June /July]. There is something of a Leo in her I think! 🐾🦁❤️
      Good thinking btw 🏄‍♀️🌊because she’s hopping over to you!!!!!

  3. This is wonderful! My first boyfriend was a Pisces – never dated another!
    Cannot wait to see next month’s because, of course, I am of the first sign 😉

  4. My first thought was, Wow – Marina’s style has changed. …. then I saw it wasn’t yours. 🙂 But I’ve got the feeling you inherited his artistic gene. Very colorful …. and a wonderful idea for a series. My wife is a Pisces. Yamas!

  5. Ah! How did you know? Thank you for your good wishes! In another 6 days, it will be my special day! We’ll celebrate with a meal at a favourite restaurant; no need for fancy presents at my age! 🤣 Marina, I love the t-shirt! 🌹🙋‍♂️

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