the zoo


poster for the zoo 1991 © marina kanavaki

Technique: Charcoal on paper, paper cutout [bars & type]

[the blue and red versions were digitally processed]

Original size: 70x100cm

When visiting the London Zoo for a college project, I was walking in front of a big cage trying to see what animal was behind the bars and I realised there was a big chimp trying to eat a banana with one hand and covering it’s face with a blanket with the other. Made me feel like a nosy idiot! It just clicked! I always hated caged animals but that image was what gave me the idea of having …us behind bars, as an anti-poster for the zoo!

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[museum quality printing and framing]


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  1. Just dropped in Marina to say Hi.. and I love this concept.. Yes I dislike caged animals also.. Wishing you a lovely Spring, I would image you are now busy with your music also.. Have a wonderful Day love Sue x

  2. Great perspective, Marina. Empathy is nearly inexistent in the consumer world. If every human would reflect for a moment about the lives and purpose of non-human beings, much suffering could be avoided.

  3. This concept is one that stands out from the crowd, it shows us that being caged is so wrong and gives us an idea of how the animal or bird, whatever creature behind the bars feels. It must be a terrible experience to be stared at on a daily basis without any means of escape 😦

    Your artistry gives us the insight and does so incredibly well Marina 🙂 Well done…

    Andro xx

    • Oh, I’m so happy you found this insightful, Andro. I really hope one day we’ll start showing some respect to all beings and surroundings…
      Thank you very very much!!! 🙂

  4. Indeed freedom is what the times afford us: I feel an undercurrent, an unconscious commons being the voice of reason and overcome the abuses of the past, abuse toward nature is abuse toward ourselves, within the the barred space we designed for others. A perfect portrayal of Art with a purpose, so vocal, so introspective and a true reminder of our role on Earth.

        • You should see my typos! I constantly anagram words [I’m not sure that’s what it’s called… it’s when you type “form” instead of “from”. Very frustrating. I have to triple check my texts for those! My day is good and trying to make it better. Thank you. Have a beautiful day!

  5. I was hoping you were about to say: “I was walking in front of a big cage trying to see what kind of animal was behind the bars” , when I saw my reflection in a mirror where the animal was supposed to be. The shirt I was wearing read “Evil”. I was in the cage. I was the animal in the cage…..:) Good show. I loved that the concept was so multidimentional. An animal in a cage needing only a blanket as a sanctuary, in order to survive, the horrible moment it was living. Placing a blanket of caring about the ape, over your sorrow, a note of indignation, frustration, and a passionate art is made.

    • Thanks so much Benjamin. What a POETIC “comment”! If I weren’t as laconic [brief], I’d probably say that, you’re right, but words are not my “forte”! I’d much rather communicate with my art and if not that, “a jkhsdfgi uewdgzf ksiu a sdflkrrrjhu dfhsiulll trxcfkitsssidshjk mllrmtr” would be just great! One thing I’d like to add however is that after so many years of “”””evolution”””” [in many many “!] we -humans- have EARNED a place behind bars!

  6. Several years ago I was in London, and suddenly decided to visit the zoo. I too was disturbed to see cage animals. But this time I was surprixed and foulnd many of the cages gone. We, the anmimals and me, were separated by space, which .I was sure that the tigers could leap over, but he didn’t. I assume there are thing like invisble rays which the animals do’t like which act as guards.

    Marina I’m exhausted,,,,,more another time. Love Katerina

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