weeping green

Weeping Green © Marina Kanavaki

Detail from “Weeping Green” hurricane candle.

[A MARWAX project]

33 Responses to “weeping green”
  1. Strangely beautiful. The image draws you to it.

  2. that was so pretty! and the title suits its beauty! kudos, marina!

  3. G says:

    Reblogged this on The Gappuccino ~ g caffè ~ and commented:
    A marvelous painting done by wax…………….
    These things look so easy but are so very difficult to do. I really appreciate those who are able to make such amazing paintings. So here I reblog one from one such awesome painter Marina Kanavaki.

  4. zorgor says:

    Very powerful. Gives me intense feelings of concern. For distraught… wax? 🙂

    • Thank you, Charlie! Yes, it’s wax! A very warm and friendly material I love to work on…

      • zorgor says:

        Oooo… you read my ‘about’ page. 🙂 Where could I find out more about working with wax as a media?

        • If you wish to work on it as an artist, I’m afraid you won’t find much info on the subject! However there are lots of videos on candle making and carved candles which could give you ideas [] Best way would be to simply get some soft wax and start playing with it… I’m sure you’ll find your way round it!

      • zorgor says:

        Thanks! Sounds like you’re figuring out making art with wax as you go — that’s great! And yeah, I know what that’s like… 🙂 I think what interests me about it is that it seems like ‘paint’ and also sculptural at the same time.

  5. Really like this picture, Marina!

  6. drawandshoot says:

    Love the title! A beautiful detail Marina.

  7. Weeping cream with little green candy for a happy Easter .
    For the ones who does not want to eat meat…

    Delicious art it is!

  8. Blood-Ink-Diary says:

    Marina, I really feel close to this composition. It is enigmatic, sweetly caressing as well. Is there a day I have not enjoyed your art? Never! Keep shining, my friend. Love.

  9. frizztext says:

    somehow I have a 3D experience watching your painting!

  10. Fergiemoto says:

    Beautiful! I like the different shades of green.

  11. Deb says:

    Now this one if very unusual, Marina. The creamy white drips about look like glue and wet at that.
    You can create some very interesting things!
    Hugs, xx

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