the woods II

The Woods II

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 13×13

series titled: The Woods – 2012 © Marina Kanavaki


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  1. Hi Marina, thanks for stopping by my place. I’ve enjoyed having a good look around your blog today and have finally settled on this picture to leave my humble comment. It’s a scene I’ve tried to capture over the years after spotting a group of trees across the fields in a car when I was a teenager. It’s very beautiful and deceptively simple. I’ve never really watercoloured but have inherited some paper, looking at your work might prompt me to have a go. Thank you.

    • Thank you very much for you kind comment. I’m very happy to hear that it prompted you to have a go and can’t wait to see the outcome, as I also enjoy your work.

  2. It looks so simple……….. but I’m sure it’s not ………. fabulous….i wish I could paint……….

  3. Colors sometimes intense, others delicate, almost invisible. The simplicity of watercolors, made ​​of paper and water color pigments, is its wealth, its technical difficulty goes hand in hand with its versatility and immediacy.
    That ‘s how I feel strong and fleeting emotions, dates from the simple and seemingly illogical combination of water, color and paper. All this is at “The Woods.”
    This particular interpretation of the creative, pushes each of us to break free, even for a few moments, any barrier that forces us four walls of a house.
    And with your watercolor, freedom and spontaneity are possible thanks to the great expressive spaces that grant.
    The watercolor is in fact water and colors that blend and revising on the white paper, in a marvelous game and ongoing emotions, sensations and notes of color that are formed by the contribution of simple water droplets, which are “life “.

    Here there is a place where the painting is the meeting point between man and God!

    Thanks for these emotions.

    Ninni Raimondi
    Journalist, Italy

    (I have added your name to my members, under the heading: “Lady Marina Kanavaki”)

    • …and I am completely SPEECHLESS!
      THANK YOU!!!
      Please excuse this laconic answer but I can’t think of any other phrase that would do justice to your comment.
      I am VERY grateful, Ninni!

  4. It feels like a warm sunrise! It gives me the feeling of wanting to take a walk in the woods in the fresh morning air and listening to the birds sing – with my cup of hot tea.

  5. Another gorgeous one! This composition is fresh like the morning dew! Lovely, Marina. Cheers. P.s. I checked out Z by Costa – what a superb film! Thanks for mentioning. Hug.

  6. I love the colors and their language like transition across the page. It’s as if something is being said, but hides just beyond the eaves.

  7. I love this. There’s nothing quite like a morning walk in the woods hearing the sounds of nature as it wakes up to the new day. This image makes experience that. Wonderful.

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