as above so below

detail from “As Above So Below #2”

watercolours – “As Above So Below” © 2012 marina kanavaki

All images on this blog are copyright of Marina Artemis Kanavaki and cannot be copied, downloaded or used in any way without express written permission.

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  1. Wonderful color combinations!
    If you allow me I would title it ‘As above not below’ cause they evoke very different worlds and emotions. I like vey much this duality in your painting.


    • Thank you Madalina for your kind and very perceptive thoughts! The title is actually meant here as both [above & below] being one, or part of the same “being”. So whichever way one sees it [reflection, negative, yin yang] it’s all one…. I hope this makes sense. I consider myself word-disabled!


      • It makes a lot of sense and I do not think that you are world-disabled at all. I was actually expressing the way I saw the painting and I hope I did not disturb in any way. I entirely respect the artist’s opinion and view.

        Thank you very much for being a constant visitor and critic of my works!


        • Of course it didn’t “disturb”, I took it as a very constructive and kind comment! I welcome all opinions! The “word-disabled” is because really speech is my last resort for expressing myself! I don’t do very well there! Thank you again!


          • I can say the same about myself and I truly believe that the work only should talk for the visual artist and not the words. I am very often wondering if it is good to attach words to my photos in order not to influence the viewer.
            I like the way you express yourself both in words and in art and I am curious to see your last creations.


  2. If I had enough walls to surround my home with your paintings, it would be a collage of colorful emotions, to be honestly displayed to the world. Fantabulous you are, as always. 😀



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