as above so below #2

As Above So Below #2

Technique: watercolour

Original Size: 34x24cm

detail 1

detail 2

from Marina Kanavaki series “As Above So Below” © 2012

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  1. I tried standing on my head to look at the bottom half but fell over, I’ll try again in a minute. This is my favourite one since the view from the window that you did ages ago.


  2. Marina, I did reblogged your piece (and even had a typo on it), but it didn’t appeared on my blog at all. I don’t know what was the reason, but it didn’t went through? And when I attempted to reblog it anew, it’s now allowing me at all. Anyways, thanks for sharing another masterpiece. Take care = )


  3. Assuming you’re not posting these in order 🙂 I think I can see how you’re thinking of these as you make them, things you’re deciding to do, and how this led to #3. Or maybe I’m just imagining all that! 😀 Anyway this is quite good!


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