as above so below #7

As Above So Below #7

Technique: watercolour

Original Size: 13x13cm

detail 1

detail 2

from Marina Kanavaki series “As Above So Below” © 2012


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  2. This tree is just wonderful, Marina, and looks fantastic on the products.
    How do you get the images to fill out the products as you do? I’ve uploaded them full resolution and still they don’t want to fit right.

  3. beautiful, simply beautiful, Marina. I was also looking at your gallery with autumn flower paintings and they just make me sigh. .. so lovely each of them! I wish I had known you when I was in Athens a couple of years ago, could have seen your painting in real then.

    Groetjes uit Delft

    • …and I’d like to have met you in person!
      Maybe you’ll come back again…[!]
      Thank you so much, Francina. I’m so glad you like my work.
      Have a beautiful day.
      Groetjes uit Athens. [is that right?!]

      • Yes , that is right! We name Athens — Athene in our language.
        goedenavond (καλησπέρα) lieve vriend.

  4. Today I went to the Picasso exhibition in Toronto – there was a painting he had done during his African compositions, well, this post reminds me of a similar piece I saw today — my dear, you should never cease painting, yours is for keeps! I love the depth in all – especially detail 2 – there is sublime nostalgia mingled with renewal of certainty — Ω! Αυτό είναι καλό!

  5. I like that the clous and tree are in symbios, look alikes!
    BTW, I have computer problems can’t see no new blog posts!:(((

  6. Well, the early birds have said everything I wanted to say – the detail #2 is a painting in its own right – I will sleep well tonight with these colours dancing through my dreams…

  7. Really like the colors in this–the purple underground just makes this art! I think it’s because I like green and purple together, and even thought it isn’t a lot of purple in the ground, it’s enough to make the green stand out! Lovely!

  8. Beautifully colorful blooms below the ground waiting to sprout and create a vividly hued adult tree.
    I am in love with the way they print on your items. Delicate and, yet, so strong of character.
    Lovely, Marina. A joy to view.

  9. This piece gives a feeling of confident calmness and tranquility for me. I like the blending and flowing of the purple and blues. Trees have many different personalities and you reveal those personalities beautifully through your paintbrushes. Lovely as always, Marina!

  10. I really like this one Marina. The color range is really nice. Like a foggy early morning before he sun comes up. This image more than others in this series makes me think of reflections in the water. It takes me to mysterious places. I’m so grateful for your talent and skill.

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