atom flowers #2

Atom Flowers #2

Technique: watercolour

Original size: 13x13cm

from “marina’s atom flowers” 2011 © marina kanavaki


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[museum quality printing and framing]


Marina’s Art Shop

Visit Marina’s Art Shop for more items with Atom Flowers #2 design.

Marina’s Art Shop

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Marina’s Art Shop

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  1. I know I have said this before, but really this is my absolute fave as my old name reminds me of these flowers.. thank you soooo much for sharing. A bouquet for us all from your colorful heart 😀


  2. Marina, this is another absolutely gorgeous painting. I feel like we can feel your love in every brush stroke!
    I hope you had a great anniversary weekend. Jack and I enjoyed listening to your music on YouTube. I had expected it to sound like your paintings, and it does! Very crisp and bright, with some humor. I like the techno rhythms.
    Have a great day! ~Patricia

    • Ah, thank you, thank you and thank you dear! Yes, we were off for a couple of days to our country house for a brief fresh air breather! Back to hectic… I’m so glad you enjoyed our music!
      You too have a great day and week!

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