paths of color [green & purple]

Paths of color [turquoise, blue & green] got cloned!

Here is the twin path:

paths of color [g & p]©marina kanavaki

And look… it’s infected these objects too!!!  🙂


click on pictures for more information

5359036_9990981-plwfr2_l  5359009_9571108-bagtot02_l

5358982_8837159-caseipodt_b  5359002_10923888-cseipd_b

5359002_10923888-sknipd2_l  5359002_10923888-sknmb_l

5358982_8837159-casesgs4_l  5358982_8837159-stscrd01_l

5359009_9571108-tsrww118_l  5359009_9571108-tsrww121_l

5359009_9571108-sswcz004b_l  5359009_9571108-sswcz001b_l

5359009_9571108-tsrmw101_l  5359009_9571108-tsrmw120_l


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5358938_2180902-frm118wt02_lz canvasizer g+p5358938_2180902-cnvcorner_lz

click on images for more detail and different frame options

85 Responses to “paths of color [green & purple]”
  1. The colors work great here! Love thebflow.

  2. beautiful and graceful, Marina 🙂

  3. kali spera, marina!
    i have been busy with silly family things this week….you may have noticed the lack of articles!
    have a great relaxed weekend anyway!

  4. Oh my, these are gorgeous!!

  5. Rich, vibrant, totally gorgeous. An infection worth having!

  6. beautiful work Marina

  7. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    what a lovely world you create for us, Marina. tony

  8. sriramjanak says:

    wow the black T- shirt looks really great..:-)

  9. clinock says:

    speechless at this sheer beauty – you never fail to inspire me Marina…

  10. Jess says:

    What a great color combo. Love the happy shade of green you used 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    that was weird …i’m anonymus suddenly lol\
    groetjes Francina 🙂 :-0 xxxxxxxx

  12. Anonymous says:

    fabulous , Marina!!! not only do I love the colour combination but also the shape of the design.
    have a wonderful Tuesday!!!
    hugs, xxxxxxx

  13. Fergiemoto says:

    So beautiful, Marina! I like how your designs have “infected” the gift items! Fabulous!
    I think purple and black make a great team.
    Hope your week is off to a splendid start! Hugs! 🙂

  14. The Hook says:

    The shirts and hoodies are ridiculously cool.

  15. adinparadise says:

    These are so beautiful, Marina. I love the throw pillow cover. 🙂

  16. Mary says:

    The combination of colors and design are fantastic. You have a great mind for creativity and your uses astound me. Congratulations – your will reap sweet rewards for your work.

  17. I’m enthralled at your creativity ~ the clover green, the violent violet pure color… the tear drop shape awakens in me that you’re feeding these beautiful clover type flowers with your beauty ! You’re a genius!

  18. am loving these – the colours are so beautiful!

  19. Love the way you use one element, duplicate and design so it remains fresh and literally creates something quite new. Beautiful!

  20. Meanderer says:

    A very beautiful combo of colours. I love it on the dark background.

  21. aFrankAngle says:

    Outstanding with the black backgrounds!

  22. CLANIMA says:

    Beautyful!!!! Wonderful!!!!
    You are the best Artist of the heart!!
    HI sweet Marina 🙂
    Thank you

  23. Dilip says:

    Beautiful – love the richness in the green. Thanks Marina.

  24. I love this pattern. No longer just a raindrop! Have a great weekend Marina.

  25. Bongo says:

    Your artwork always looks so cool on the objects you put them on.

  26. Nawfal says:

    LOVE IT! Beautiful!

  27. fgassette says:

    Beautiful combination of colors.


  28. Delicious, Marina! The white background gives your work that freshness, the black background that intriguing mystery. Don’t take me wrong, both are beautiful. 😀 Abrazo.

  29. viveka says:

    Wow …. the close up on your watercolor painting – what a fantastic photo. It’s like 3D. Brilliantly done. Your work is just fabulous – your choice of color combinations are always striking.

  30. You are very talented Marina!

  31. these designs and color combinations are exquisite…but thats nothing unusual when the artist is none other than marina kanavaki! ya sous, marina!

  32. deCamville Design says:

    Marina – another INCREDIBLE path of color! I love these colors, and I love it on black too! Happy Weekend my dear! 🙂 ~xoxoxo

    • You know how it works with us mad artists… you start working on one thing, then the ‘wrong’ command gets pressed and whoosh, you’re off to a completely different direction. In this case, a twin! I’m really glad you like it, Patricia! You too have a happy and creative weekend! 🙂 xxxx

  33. Vassilis says:

    And what a wonderful infection it is! Stunning work!

  34. Benjamin 0 says:

    Excellent Marina! I’m seeing dew drop, peach, seed, and my favorite colors popping off in a merchandised fashion I could hope to emulate! Dig it!

  35. mobius faith says:

    I’m all for this kind of cloning! This is hot!. That first detail is really amazing.

  36. beautiful pallette Marina… i had been a lover of blue in any hue but my painting classes opened up the blue spectrum to both ends, blue to purple and blue to green so I am now a purple+blue+green admirer, these are my relaxation colors 🙂

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