Daylight Saving Time GONE [twice]

Continuing the DST series or else my desire to get that hour back,

here are two more clocks with my ‘dreamscapes’

Paths of Color [TBG] & Paths of Color [GP]

see here: Paths of Color [TBG] & Paths of Color [GP]


paths_of_color_gp_wall_clock-2 paths_of_color_gp_wall_clock-1



paths_of_color_tbg_large_wall_clock-1 paths_of_color_tbg_wall_clock-2

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83 Responses to “Daylight Saving Time GONE [twice]”
  1. Francina says:

    beautiful, simply beautiful, dear Marine groetjes xxxx

  2. Silving says:

    All those details… very,very beautiful!

  3. kerlund74 says:

    Wow, love this, wonderful creation! The colors are amazing together:)

  4. 7pirate says:

    Ohhh man !!! so articulated..made my day ..that aestheticism inspired me a lot as it arouses my intensity work more harder. its really out of the world thing .

  5. The Hook says:

    Coolest clocks ever!

  6. din1992bay says:

    Beyond words… 🙂

  7. Lovely and inspiring colors…

  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Oh Marina, just beautiful. I love this blend of colour.

  9. clinock says:

    clocks dipped in timeless beauty…

  10. Nawfal says:

    Marina, your clocks are amazing…amazingly beautiful creations. Wow! 🙂

  11. I’d like to wear this around my neck just to have one get closer !

  12. you make everyone want to see what time it is~ marvelous & organic beautiful sphere!

  13. Ese' s Voice says:

    And suddenly the sense of time becomes beautiful…through your art.. 🙂

  14. This is so beautiful really–I’m so awed, Marina!

  15. doronart says:

    Rushed to bring the knife and enjoy your weekend’s cake when I heard those soft tick tocks.. beautiful have a good one yourself.

  16. Hi Marina,honoring precious time with blue diamond drops hours is exceptional expression . Unique design and beautiful creativity.jalal( thank you for liking my

  17. Meanderer says:

    Wow – what beautiful ‘jewel-like’ colours! I love this design and strong colours very much.

  18. adinparadise says:

    Love these, Marina. 🙂 Happy weekend to you.

  19. Fergiemoto says:

    How totally fun and beautiful!! These are wonderful, Marina!

  20. I really like this one. Sparkly, like I bet you are too.

  21. Audrina says:

    Your designs are always so creative and beautiful. I really appreciate your work. They are always lovely to look at.

  22. deCamville Design says:

    Marina, these clocks are fabulous!! What a beautiful way to honor time! ~xoxoxo!!!

  23. Mary says:

    Wow these are fantastic designs! Love the first – those colors work so well together.

  24. Adam Hughes says:

    Beautiful truly!

  25. They look incredible! Good Job Marina!

  26. Wow!!!! They’re so pretty! I especially like the top most — so beautiful!

  27. aFrankAngle says:

    I definitely favor the black backgrounds. However, the close-up image is my favorite because it shows incredible detail.

  28. OMG … so exciting to look at. The colors are very brilliant. I can’t decide on which one I like better. I keep going back and forth on my choice. Very nice, Marina.
    I hope you get your hour back. xoxo

  29. Marina, this watch is incredible!


  30. Cynthia says:

    Quite stunning! 😉

  31. If I had enough money, I would decorate my whole apartment with your art! 🙂

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