Daylight Saving Time GONE tonight!

The time is nigh…

DST is leaving us tonight and we finally get that precious hour back!

One more clock from my painting “The Woods V”

you can see the painting here: The Woods V


the_woods_v_wall_clock-3  the_woods_v_modern_wall_clock

the_woods_v_wall_clock-8  the_woods_v_large_wall_clock


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  1. very beautiful love how the painting is around the clock 😉 and the color, I am not to good with purple, very good Marina

  2. ooooohhh I love the clock images and the colors! Daylight savings time hasn’t happened in California yet – makes it a little confusing when you call the UK or you 🙂

  3. wonderful idea, to integrate a clock in your paintings!
    and if no one buys your wonderful art – we both earned at least one hour of time, isn’t it?

  4. Dear Marina! Not sure what have happened but it seems like my wordpress reader decided to “un-follow” your blog and I did not get any posts on my feed. Hopefully re-following you again will solve the problem. And I see I’ve missed a lot of lovely posts with a lot of interesting artwork.

    I love your clock btw. Would look great on any wall!

    • Don’t worry, Jess, it happens a lot… and it’s happened to me too and not for all the blogs I follow. I still have no idea why. I’m glad you’re back and thank you for your kind words! 🙂

  5. Cheers on the color combos of blues, purples, grays, and white. Very pleasing to my eyes. I prefer the ones with the white center is it brings attention to the outside.

  6. I find so much meaning in the way passage of time, as voyage rather than destination, is invoked in your wall clock: Truly marvelous , Marina!

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