“flying to the unknown”

Markos Alexiou 1939-2014

ALEXIOU flying to the unknown

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  1. Marina, so sorry about your lost of friend and mentor – never heard about his music, but the album image is stunningly beautiful. I will look him up now. Found him on Soundcloud … listen to his – flying into the unknown – just now … beautiful, soulful and powerful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, my dear Viveka and thank you for checking out his music. He was an innovator for jazz music in Greece a brilliant pianist and great teacher and friend to many lucky people.

  2. My dear friend– I’m so sorry to be late getting to this post. My sincere condolences on the loss of your friend and teacher. That album cover seems a perfect tribute for a friend who now “sleeps in the sand,” and flies to a higher realm.

    You designed that particular cover yourself back in 1998? And your dad was also an artist who designed the cover for Mr. Alexiou’s earlier album, Sphinx? I feel I’ve learned some very interesting things here. Again, a beautiful tribute, Marina; a lovely way to celebrate a life that brought much joy to others.

    • Thank you, my dear friend.
      He was indeed very talented, an innovator for jazz in Greece and a great teacher.
      Yes and yes [answers to your questions]. It was hard trying to keep my father’s high standards [probably saved by my naivety!]. A great designer and cartoonist.

  3. Oh, Marina
    I so sorry for your loss. I am very behind on my visits to my blog friends. It feels somber today here and rightly so. It is always such a heartache to lose someone close.
    I hope his memory will be of comfort to you.
    Blessings and hugs to you during this sorrowful time.
    Isadora xo

  4. sorry for your big loss, Marina (“Sadly, yes, last Sunday. He was an amazing jazz pianist, brilliant artist, great teacher [with whom I had the privilege to have improvisation courses] and friend. A truly beautiful person who will be missed…”)

  5. Sorry Marina I am reading upside down, story of my life… sorry about the loss of a great talent your dear friend.. It is a strange world, no one get permanent citizenship.. and all the great loved one always leaving us. Take care x

    • Ah, yes, that thing with the permanent citizenship… sad though isn’t it? I wonder if we ever reconcile with the ‘phenomenon’ of jumping to non existence…
      You too take care, my friend.

      • we never do but life goes on and we have a duty to others so we contain our feelings and puddle along. The beauty is that we have each others to lean and support and I am always here for you as many others do. Strength is our quality of our survival. We always somehow find strength we always somehow manage somwhow. You no different, it is our viciuos circle and our need to see another day our responsibility to many others keep smiling and the rest will do itself. x

  6. I miss not being here on the long list I take it I’ll have to fight back for a place… while bionic woman busy forever producing have a great weekend xxx

    • Bionic woman, has lost her powers lately from over exhaustion from the move. BUT she will regain them soon! You are present anyway, my friend. You too have a great weekend and hopefully a dry one! 🙂

      • Marina you lost nothing you conserve it all and observe new ideas along. Nothing wrong in regrouping. I know it is never easy moving and somehow the female side is always more concern and do extra thinking. I am sure you will settle down and new creation will emerge. Take a deep breathe and enjoy every monute tomorrow it is going to be another day. Have a nice relax weekend and look after yourself and tha family. Good luck in your new place and enjoy many years to come. xxx

    • He was indeed. Thank you so much for listening!
      He had conquered a near paralysis of his hands [pianist worst nightmare] due to a serious illness, merely by will and practice. If you go here:

      you can listen to his first album as a trio “Sphinx” with two other brilliant musicians. The album was released in 1979. [album cover was designed by my father]
      …and you too, my friend!

    • Sadly, yes, last Sunday. He was an amazing jazz pianist, brilliant artist, great teacher [with whom I had the privilege to have improvisation courses] and friend. A truly beautiful person who will be missed. This was an album cover we designed back in 1998 for him and it seemed ‘appropriate’ as a ‘goodbye’. The photograph was specially done / directed for this.

  7. Dearest Marina… next july iit’s all set (missing only the flight’s confirmation)… we are coming to Pylos for around 10 days. I’m so excited since it has been so long ago my last visit to Athen… As soon I have arranged everything, I’ll let you know (privately) by e-mail. The kids will be sailing all day but me and my husband (and maybe my mom) we have time to spend visiting around your country. Big hug 🙂 claudine

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