I SEE – Half a Century Of Greek Graphic Designers

I SEE © Marina Kanavaki

Poster “I SEE – Half a Century Of Greek Graphic Designers” 2005 © marina kanavaki

Exhibition organized by the Greek Graphic Designers Association [GDA] in 2005.

The exhibition was held at Benaki Museum and at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.


50 designers in Greece, were chosen to create a poster on the theme: ‘I See’ and I was honored to be among them.
This was my version of ‘seeing’ [or not…]
The type resembling sun flares reads: ‘I see’, in Greek, repeated.


This is how it appeared at the exhibition:


   SHOP I See poster ART PRINT HERE                                                                         

[museum quality printing and framing]


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  1. Liebe Marina einen gemütlichen Donnerstag wünscht dir Klaus die Zeit vergeht so schnell und bald haben wir schon den 2 Advent mit ganz viele lieben Grüße

  2. Hmm… I’m tempted to say that this eclipses everything you’ve done to date, but that wouldn’t be true. All your work is so brilliant, it can’t possibly be eclipsed– even by you, my dear Marina!! Now there’s an artistic paradox for you!!

    Only 50 designers were asked to participate– I suspect the other 49 were afterthoughts… : )

    • Mark, I can tell you one thing, a few more comments like that and Mt. Olympus won’t be high enough for me!!!! 🙂
      As for the artistic paradox, I think you got me!!! 😉
      A joyous weekend, my friend. I will be popping over to admire your work! 🙂

  3. Marvelous concept dear Marina and the recognition richly deserved. Whatever you come up with is brilliant. Thank you.

  4. This is amazing Marina! And such honor that you are deserved❤️❤️❤️❤️
    All the best to you my dear friend❤️

  5. Outstanding concept for an exhibit – and such an honor to be among those selected to create for it. You nailed the “I See” theme. Clever to use the eclipse and solar flares. Bold colors and striking. The phrases’ placement creates a sense of movement, too. Appreciate the close up views.
    This should really put you and your talent in the spotlight

  6. The concept, the design, the choice of colours…all brilliant Marina! Congratulations! The recognition is well deserved 🙂

  7. Wonderful designs… They reminded me of “Le Rouge et le Noir” by Stendhal ..

    Thanks for sharing & happy week ahead to you, dear Marina,

    Aquileana 😀

  8. What an honor, Marina, and you did a wonderful job; love the red and your talent shines through deeply in each piece of art you create, my friend…sending much love to you and Happy Monday! ♥

    • An honor indeed! I’m so glad you like it, Lauren. What a lovely thing to say! Thank you, my dear and I wish you Friday comes sooner than you think! 😉 xx

  9. Wow Marina, what an awesome and creative piece. Striking in red and black, but the sun flares fabulous! Your art never fails to amaze me – love this. Congratulations on such an honor.

    • Ah, my dear John, yes, ‘light defining the darkness’… I wanted to show my struggle to see through an ‘eclipse’ of ideas. I am so happy my idea came through. Kudos to you, my friend for being here and for …looking! 😉

    • I was one of the 50 designers chosen to take part in this celebration of 50 years of design in Greece. It was a great honor for me, as among them there were some of the greatest names in design in my country! So the project was that each one of us would design a poster on that theme [I See] and afterwards there would be an exhibition celebrating the event. Quite an experience for me. I’m glad you liked it, Resa! 🙂 xx

    • That was probably my fault. I have changed the post slightly, adding a larger photo and more info about it. I hope it works now!
      A great new week ahead, Gilly. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you so much, Laura. Yes, it is an eclipse. I have added some more info about it in my post, so you can check it if you want.
      Happy new week ahead! 🙂

  10. Behold, I have just seen the most good graphic designer in Greece.
    Greece, shareholders of Philosophy and of “being in the world with fullness,” is another thing when the footprint of Marina throng the streets and beautiful sorridentim of one of the greatest civilizations in the Mediterranean Sea has ever known.

    The greek people thank nature and your birth.

    Ninni Raimondi
    journalist in Bologna, Italy

    • Ah, no I am certainly not, my dear Ninni!
      I may have been in the ‘top’ 50 designers at that time but that doesn’t mean much… I never considered myself as one anyway. I never wanted to pursue this as a career.
      Thank you, however for those amazing compliments, my dear friend! I am exceptionally flattered!!!
      Have a beautiful new week dawning.

  11. This is such a striking image, Marina. Not only an eclipse but a dark eye looking out, though that take on it is a bit unnerving. I’ll be having a Lordof-the-Rings Mordor moment next.

    • lol on the Lord of the Rings Mordor moment!!!
      It is actually both… An eye trying to see things in dark times [eclipse]. I’m so glad you liked it, Tish but I hope that moment didn’t last for too long! 😉

  12. very interesting informative blog – Greek civilization laid the foundation for many of the accomplishments of the Western world—science, philosophy, and democratic government all developed in this ancient land.

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