In Limbo – Fandango

Happy Full Moon!

…and a beautiful sunny weekend, my friends.

I have been working on a new series titled “In Limbo”
This is the first one: Fandango.
A huge gift from my father [also a painter], a set of Talens Ecolines and W&N inks were too irresistible not to try and mix [!] with my watercolors. Unorthodox [they don’t actually mix] yet such fun! Those little ink bottles are like delicious candies! Enough said though…

In Limbo – Fandango


In Limbo - Fandango©marina kanavaki


detail 1

In Limbo-Fandango det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

In Limbo-Fandango det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

In Limbo-Fandango det3 ©Marina Kanavaki

Technique: Watercolour & Inks

Original size: 25x23cm

from my watercolor & ink series “In Limbo” 2014 © Marina Kanavaki


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106 Responses to “In Limbo – Fandango”
  1. i keep coming back to this one, marina! its so drastically simple, but extremely pround in meaning! bravo marina…!

  2. yet again…absolutely beautiful composition..the mark of a true artist…words cannot convey the simple yet all-encompassing effects of basic colours! yay, marina!

    • Yay, to making my day too [night actually, but you get it!]. Thank you, my friend, it may take me some time before I land safely after reading your comment! 😉

  3. just love the first pic here, marina! so utterly simple, so few colours used, but it says so much! true mark of an accomplished artist! HappY Easter, by the way…i know Easter is a big celebration in Greece….kalimera!

    • You are TOO kind, my friend! 🙂
      Thank you for your Easter wishes. Hope you enjoyed yours. Ours is this week. It is a big celebration and as this one is the opposite of Xmas, a bit more introverted, I enjoy it more! 😉

  4. Jean-Paul says:

    I like your artwork, thanks for your visit Marina 🙂

  5. I believe the Fandango is a joyous dance where people get giddy and clap their hands and leap about in ecstasy– which is exactly what I did when I saw “Fandango.”

    Of course I do the same thing when I see any of your paintings, dear Marina! No wonder I’m always so happy and out of breath… : )

    You mixed inks and watercolors?? And made it work?? Once again we see why you are consistently voted Most Unorthodox Lamb On Mt. Olympus– wool done!! : )

    • The Unorthodox Lamb is very happy that it made you dance! 😉
      Mixing the two was actually fun. Once you get rid of the bully attitude off the inks, everything goes smoothly! Carrying a whip of course helps! 🙂
      Thank you, my dear friend! 🙂

  6. violetski says:

    Ah, love it dear Marina! ❤️
    Love colors, love how colored combine each other, love that yellow line …..
    So beautiful❤️

  7. Dear marina! Back again from Tuscany…
    I love both Limbo’s 🙂 mood’s from different moments… water color is my best loved too!
    ❤ I'll finish to write and send you a souvenir to keep in touch with you with colours!
    Kisses and hugs Claudine

  8. elmediat says:

    This is a superb use of colour. Wonderful composition Marina. 🙂

  9. Wonderful. I didn’t receive this one in my reader, so..twicely surprised today!

  10. Doris says:

    wow I love it, purple for me is a hard color, you did a good job blending it with the blue I love it and the yellow

  11. How lovely, Marina! Your creativity is wonderful 🙂

  12. doronart says:

    I have no doubt if they give you a flat shampoo you will manage to get the bubbles out… explosion of ink.. xxx 😉

  13. Gray Dawster says:

    Good afternoon Marina
    I have been away from my
    WordPress for quite a
    long time now, just adding
    a very few posts and not
    doing much visiting friends
    as you are my dear, but
    now that I am getting back
    into posting some things
    I just wanted to call by and
    wish you a happy Wednesday
    my lovely friend 🙂 😉

    Andro xxxx

  14. Marko says:

    Greetings from sunny Warsaw. Feel free to watch the new collection of photos in the album ‘Roses’

  15. Lovely, I love the mood, gloomy and stormy to me and yet, balanced with a ray of hope, of golden light.

  16. Designer says:

    Oh, Marina, those colors!! I am glad you mixed the inks. This is stunning!! Have a fabulous week, my friend. I like your new series title. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you, my dear Patricia!!! So happy you like this [and my watercolor/inks mix!] and the title!
      Wishing you an amazing week and all the very best finishing your gluten-free book! 🙂 xx

  17. Marina, this is very striking in colours and appearance .. I have worked in inks before within my Auragraph paintings… but they are unforgiving if a colour should land where not intended LOL.. A beautiful piece of art and a wonderful gift from your father.
    Blessings Sue

    • It was indeed a wonderful gift and of sentimental value as many of them were almost 30+ years old and working just as well as they did back then! They truly are unforgiving, but I don’t mind that. Sometimes a mishap can lead to a new path.
      Thank you so much, my dear Sue! 🙂 xx

  18. Mary says:

    Beautiful art Marina – I love the color combinations. But for me it’s the soft and delicate complexities that I’m seeing, with subtle value changes. The tree trunk is fantastic.

  19. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Love the mood the second one evokes… Thank uuuu

  20. Bongo says:

    How much fun to try a new medium – especially mixed with the watercolors.

  21. Lovely as always, Marina! Have a great weekend.

  22. Madhu says:

    I love everything about it Marina! The colours – especially the fuschias, the yellow line delineating the two phases (worlds?) and the tree in limbo! Great title too 🙂 Look forward to more.

  23. Jess says:

    I like the colors! great combo!

  24. Dilip says:

    Exquisite colors to celebrate the full moon. Here today is dedicated to the Guru and prayers and celebrations take place. Thrilled to know your father too is a great painter. 🙂

    • Thank you, my dear Dilip. Happy celebrations and …”A Lotus for you … a Buddha to be!” 🙂
      [it is now stuck with me – I can’t think of a better wish!]

  25. Lucid Gypsy says:

    You never fail to surprise me Marina.

  26. Marian, you’ve been reading my mind! I’m playing with ink and watercolor as well:) Though your results are much better than mine. Beautiful!

  27. makagutu says:

    You paint well Marina

  28. bbylois says:

    Detail 2 is for me best in class , it is not unorthodox and created like a rainbow would like to present. Therefore this work is Greece meaning orthodox 🙂 , cheers bart

    • 😆 what an analysis! I never really thought it unorthodox mixing them. It’s just something that is not recommended as they react differently. So I guess you are right about it being orthodox to me. Thank you so much, Bart! 🙂
      Happy weekend and full moon!

  29. Love it Marina – especially the yellow. Hope you are well – I am slowly emerging fron the World Cup torpor!

    • Welcome back!!!!! 😉 I am well, thank you Jim! I hope your return to the ‘living’ will be smooth and pleasant! I’m so happy you like this [and the yellow!]
      Happy weekend and full moon! 🙂

  30. Meanderer says:

    Ooh, I love this. Wonderful design, and the colours are gorgeous!

    Happy Full Moon. I think I read it is a Supermoon.

  31. willowdot21 says:

    I love these colours the prints are amazing. Xxx

  32. This is really stunning work, Marina. The colours are magnificent. 🙂 Happy weekend to you. xx

  33. jmsabbagh says:

    Splendid creativity ,the colors are delightful.Regards.Jalal

  34. QueridaJ says:

    Love the detail shots esp 1 and 3

  35. Fandango cannot be in-limbo as it is the lively couples dance of Iberia. Castanets
    and handclapping are calling everyone to dance to these sounds.
    You have the sounds in very sweep of your brush in this painting.
    Gorgeous and colorful … Happy Full moon ❤ hugs ❤

    • You are right, my dear Isadora, but in this case I’m using ‘fandango’ the color [] which is the color above the yellow of the horizon. In limbo is the transitional place where my tree lies. I’m so happy you like it!!!
      Happy Super Moon to you too and a beautiful weekend, my dear friend! 🙂 Hugs & xxxx

  36. aFrankAngle says:

    Interesting to how I notice more details in the painting than first impression. A simple complexity. … thus the power of the artist.

  37. Russ L says:

    Love those storm clouds! 🙂

  38. Rajiv says:

    That’s a lovely one!

  39. sriramjanak says:

    Very Beautiful…Marina ..My talented friend..:-)

  40. I too like it. I used mixed media often and sometimes have really interesting results. Fun to try new ways to combine paint. I was not sure why the series is called In Limbo.

  41. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful, dear Marina… You are so talented!…
    Happy weekend ahead, Hugs,
    Aquileana ;D

  42. clinock says:

    You say the w/c and inks don’t mix but this is not at all noticeable from this gorgeous painting. The bold yellow horizontal dividing the blue purple and the blue green makes this piece sublime. Another magnificent work of heart Marina…

    • Ah, my dear friend, thank you so much!
      As for the mixing, I guess they work because I’m …moodling and nothing can resist a moodler! 😉
      Wishing you a wonderful Super Moon! 🙂

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