a creative recharge…

Already plugged in [or -in this case- unplugged!] for a creative recharge!
I will see you all in a weeks’ time.


enjoy a beautiful new week and…

smile! 🙂

Couldn’t leave without a visual…
low batteries4

low batteries2

Yep, that’s me recharging already! 😉

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  1. Have a beautiful week re-charging – you deserve the time, as we get to enjoy your latest awesome painting. All the best for a wonderful rest.

  2. Batteries, batteries… hmm, I was just reading about those somewhere… : )

    Of course your batteries are low, my dear Marina!! Is it because your creative energies are at a low ebb?? Nay, nay, forsooth!! You are known to be a creative genius– someone with an inexhaustible supply of ideas, and endless talent in putting them on canvas. Everyone in the art world knows this– even me!

    No, it’s your physical energy that’s at a low ebb. Why? Because of all the paint supplies you must lug up to your studio on Mt. Olympus!! No wonder you get tired!!

    So enjoy your break, dear lamb, floating blissfully in some secluded lagoon, while little seals bring you champagne in crystal goblets, on silver trays balanced on their cute little heads… : )

    • Ah, indeed carrying all these paints up there has been wearing me off, but nothing a few days by the sea can’t fix! In fact – here I am, back and happily carrying more and more colors …mainly seacolors of course!
      Thank you, my kind friend! 😉

  3. I hope you get all your mojo charged Marina. It is wonderful to have a break and take in all that inspiration. Have a wonderful week.

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