January Full Moon 1

2017 is gone and Hera has her eye on 2018:
“You better treat me and everyone WELL, Mr.2018!”
What an entrance… with such a beautiful moon*!
Heavy clouds hid the Moonrise but …good things come to those who wait, so half an hour later, clouds cleared for this majestic Moon.

Enjoy 2018, my dear friends!

* One more Full Moon in January. In fact it’s a Super Blue Moon Eclipse on the 31st and last one of 3 supermoons.

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  1. Happy New Year Marina! Did you ever get the most beautiful moon rise or what?! Great shots and wonderful colors emanating from this series. My very best to you for a wonderfully creative, peaceful and healthy 2018! Good things are on the horizon Marina ~

    • A wish that is always worth repeating*!!!!! and a HAPPIEST HAPPY New Year to you, my sweet friend. Love to you and more hugs! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo
      Oh, from Hera too!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      *especially when yours truly takes so long to read and reply!!!! Been offline for quite a while …again!

    • It was a beautiful moon… Hera, well, what mom would I be if I said I don’t agree! 😉 Thank you, sweetie! Hera and I send you our love and kisses! xxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ….and many hugs! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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