wet and dry paths…

Sun and rain. Tuesday was a day of differences. Started off sunny and warm and at sundown clouds brought heavy rain.
Start of the day…
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#summer #rain #storm #lavender #raindrops

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some hours later…
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#summer #rain …

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rain and thunder
A photographic log of last Tuesday, June 11.
Sunny shots taken from my Filothei Hill paths and rain from home.

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  1. Lovely to see your garden and the butterflies too in your video. And yes the weather has been very wet here too. Floods in many areas near us. I wonder what Natures creatures make of it all.. Loved your videos
    I read that in I think it was Slovenia hail fell the size of melons in a thunderstorm.. damaging homes and cars.. Mother Nature is trying to speak to us..

    Sending HUGE hugs for a lovely weekend Marina.. Much love ❤

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  2. really enjoyed the listening to the rain in your vid though we have plenty here it does not sound as nice! butterflies on the hot dry heath were a profound contrast – happy summer days ahead Marina as it is yet to arrive on the 21st

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    • Yes, Summer Solstice! It’s a shame my phone’s mic couldn’t capture the true beauty of the rain sound. The drops fell heavily and they made this lovely fat watery ‘white noise’! As for the butterflies I couldn’t help but wonder whether they were aware of the change while they were fluttering carefree. 😉 Happy summer days for you too, my dear Laura! xoxo


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