[reblog] The Black Dress

Art Gowns Art, by super talented Resa, presents a collection of black dresses. Her drawings are truly amazing!!!!!!!

Art Gowns

Art Gowns Art presents a collection of black dresses.

The collection is inspired by this poem penned by Leonard Durso, and all my fave models from blog land. Click on the poem, and see it on Leonard’s blog. Have a visit and follow while you’re there!

The opening design and dress below are modelled by Holly from House of Heart.

Georgiann from Rethinking Life models the dress below.

Georgiann introduced me to water colour crayons, which is the predominant medium in this series.

Above is Marina Kanavaki from Art Towards a Happy Day.

For the finale, here above is Aquileana.

Art Gowns Art Black Dresses © Resa McConaghy


🌟 Big Thank You to Leonard for permitting me to use his poem! 🌟

I enjoy all of the creative writing on Leonard’s blog. Some pieces are his originals, others are a glorious find he shares.

You can…

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  1. Those four delicious drawings are like music to my eyes, yes my eyes, like a musician hears when he reads notes.
    I don’ recall seeing caricature like drawings of yours till now. Really grabs ones attention!

    • Ah, my dear Jean-Jacques, Resa is going to be very happy to read this about her wonderful drawings and I agree with you!!!!!!
      Do visit her blog to see more of her amazing work!!!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the reblog, Marina, and Thank you for allowing me the use of your likeness! It’s a lot of fun. xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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