the blue… [day 1]

As mentioned in my July 1st post, this will be a ‘blue’ week. Blue, as in sea blue. I am taking a short break, by the sea, to charge up my batteries!
So for the next few days, I’ll be posting images from my …”blue” days!
in my sea dress
These were taken yesterday, 1st of my arrival at Theologos Bay [Fthiotis – Greece]
I can never get enough of rocks and sea!!!!!
A beautiful tree with strange looking flowers growing by the rocks!
…could very well be an entity from a Star Trek series! 😉
…and the end of a very long day!
Sunset at Theologos [Greece]
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…in my #sea dress !

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Wishing everyone a wonderful week! New Moon today!

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  1. Have a nice stay by the sea, and mountains, flowers, wind, waves….surely beat the humming of the air conditionner in my place…:D

    • I know I know…. that’s what I ‘escaped’ from for a few days and that’s where I’ll be returning to, but for now, yes, I’m absorbing as much as I can!!!! 😉

  2. Funny coincidence– I’m wearing one of those very flowers in my lapel as I type this. The waves are very similar to the ones in my bathtub. I like to sing, “Foam, foam, on the range!” as I’m scrubbing away… 🛀🏼😎💦

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