White Monday

We might have missed a white Christmas but here we are enjoying a white pre-New Year’s Eve Monday!

So this is what we woke up to:
Gandalf was there too, Terry!


The view from Filothei Hill

2019 still …just about! Enjoy!

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  1. Grey and drear, but cheery here!
    Sending love to all!
    🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉- M
    🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉- H
    🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉🎉❦🎉- S

    • We just lost our short lived sun too for a second cold front!!!!! ….but you, cherry here too!!!!!!!!!
      Much much love to you all from us all
      R ❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤
      N ❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤
      J ❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤
      J ❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤🍾❤

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