Happy January 1st, 2020

January 1st

a day that usually goes unnoticed
or in a daze
a day with the perfect excuse,
to relax
or simply hit the brakes after holiday rush and
do less!
no need for plans, promises, schedules
Today is just for …being*.

*just like any other day should be! 😉

1st month of my calendar features:
As Above So Below No21 © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: watercolour • Dimensions: 30x30cm [unframed]


Here’s to Living!


Here’s to Good Times!

Check my 2020 wall Calendar here:

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  1. Couldn’t get the first video here but the second one is really nice. Such great swing. So often we laud the big stars and overlook the very talented backup band! 🙂 Sometimes potential stars have to leave their cherished musical buddies because they feel they are being called to greater things… and that requires people with greater talent (thinking of k. d. lang here… but I’m sure it’s the same story with many others…). Pete Best vs. Ringo comes to mind… 🙂

      • Listening now… a bit more fluid that some of his material but I still find that for me his music doesn’t expand or happily transport but rather confines my consciousness… too “intellectual” for me. Like a chess program making music. 🙂 Sorry but I gotta be honest. You’re too nice and I respect you too much to fake it with you. 🙂
        As for the distinct sound, he certainly has it here… same ol’ heavy and foreboding Glass… 🙂

  2. Bee-ing… that’s a great idea!! As soon as I can find a hive, I’m gonna spread some honey on my toast. In fact, I’m gonna spread honey on both sides. That way I can say: “As above, so below!!” Huh… that sounds familiar. Now where have I heard that before…? 🍞🍯🍨😋

  3. Think I’ll go cook a lovely dinner!
    Happy New Decade!!!

  4. A beautiful painting to start the year. I like your description of today as a day that goes unnoticed. Soon, we will be going to a small New Year’s Day gathering (small … I think 12) … can’t recall ever doing this before. Enjoy your day! … Yamas!

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