Cold Sunday

A cold cold Sunday with North winds bringing more cold and snow

David Bowie


Happy Sunday

wherever this finds you!


Shots are taken from Filothei Hill in Athens.

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  1. Love your photos, but am heavily distracted by listening to David. His voice and vocals sound like a Cloudy….. Sunday.
    Thank you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

  2. Song brings back memories… I was miffed at db for that painting of the saint splattered with white paint on the inside cover of this cd. It felt like a slap that I wasn’t prepared for. But.. lots of great material on this album. And I do believe in freedom of expression. Just didn’t like paying rip-off cd prices to get an unexpected spiritual slap! 🤑🙂

    • Ah, I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. Most of these are taken from the same places and as I walk them almost daily, It’s amazing noticing all the changes… xoxoxo

  3. Beautiful images, Marina
    And you share the most obscure songs! I had never heard this one. Bowie’s voice is sublime in this.

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