A Gray Monday

A cold wet morning with gray clouds was the opening of our week.
Although the view today was, well pretty flat, dull and… gray, yesterday’s sky was the perfect combination. Sun giving way to a variety of clouds.
So, here it is the view yesterday and slightly out of focus…

Jack McDuff feat. Kenny Burrell

Call It Stormy Monday



A beautiful Monday and week ahead!


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  1. What you always share are such beautiful treasures! I have missed you my sister! Hugs and blessings to you! Here is a poem to make you smile as much as I do when I embrace what you share Marina!

    “Genuine Treasures”

    When one views a beautiful painting
    by an awesome artist, their heart
    embraces the beauty and life found
    within it, while being left speechless
    without any words to say…

    When one hears a song whose soothing
    melodies and rhythms serenades their
    heart into a state of sheer wondrous
    bliss and happiness, their heart dances
    in its own private moment of joy.

    When one reads an awesome poem, they
    taste of the love living in the writers
    heart, becoming breathless yet alive
    allowing his/her words to brightly color
    their day as it becomes their very own
    priceless treasure…

    For a genuine and pure love when shared
    creatively brings about many pleasurable
    changes in our lives when embraced in a
    wholesome way, while blossoming. leaving
    a taste of many favorite treasures that
    are found in our world

    One becomes thankful for every moment
    shared with the many gifts presented each
    day, for their blessing of love freely and
    selflessly given will always remain a
    priceless treasure which will never lose
    its lasting beauty

    Because there will always be a need in our lives
    to be lifted where our minds can escape the world
    finding compassion in gems which want nothing
    in return, but only to share the natural high
    they create wonderfully in another’s life

    A much-needed smile will color one’s world perfectly
    with a happiness freely given away selflessly, by a
    heart and mind who took pride in sharing a jewel while
    trying In their own way to make our world a much better

    The magic of the moment in a very special way, becomes
    timeless in its lasting nature leaving the reader, the
    lover of these great pieces of art appreciative of
    natures most beautifully created joys to live again

    As the first time when their emotions were aroused
    by such simple but genuine beauties as a beautiful
    sunset, a child’s smile, the beauty of a kindness
    received, a beautiful son and many more favorite
    treasured gifts created by selfless acts of love,
    and we are made more whole by a pure kindness
    whose spirit will keep kindled that spark which stays
    alive in our heart and minds forever.

    Wendell A. Brown

    • Oh, my dearest Wendell, now ’tis I who is left speechless by the beauty of your words and the kindness of your soul. I will always hold dearly these… your treasured gifts. Yes, it made me smile and brightened my day.
      Hugs and blessings to you, my kind friend.

  2. Grey was here, today.
    Your grey is whiter than my grey!
    Adore the song you posted!
    Post more MKO!!!!

  3. I really like your blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and very interesting blog. I come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. A soon.

  4. My country is there
    where the most beautiful clouds pass
    We are made of the same matter
    of which dreams are made.
    I would like to be a white cloud
    in an infinite sky
    to follow you everywhere
    and love you every moment.
    If you are a dream
    do not wake me up.

    If you want to see the valleys,
    climb to the top of a mountain;
    if you want to see the summit
    of a mountain,
    get on a cloud;
    if you aspire instead
    to understand the cloud,
    close your eyes and think about me.

    I will be the cloud
    and you the moon.
    I’ll cover you with both hands,
    and our roof will be the sky.

    The air up there
    Between the clouds
    it is very pure and fine,
    and delicious.

    And why shouldn’t it be?
    It is the same as the angels breathe.

    Hello, my sweet friend, your clouds are beautiful.
    Almost like your smile ..
    It is very nice to be able to read you after a long time, with affection and with a smile as beautiful and sweet as your face.
    I hold you with affection and a kiss

    Havana, Cuba

    • Oh, my dearest Ninni, it is so good to hear from you…
      I hope you are well and safe,
      in Havana, Cuba and wherever life takes you!!!!!
      How beautiful and heartwarming your words are… somehow, you always manage to leave me speechless!
      May your heart be always full with joy and love, my dear dear friend.
      I miei migliori auguri con tanto affetto.

  5. Interesting how the sky of gray and blue serve as contrast – but looking at the pic I see warm – not cold and wet – but, I will take your word for it. 🙂 Have a wonderful week. Yamas!

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