April Super Pink Moon

Before anyone gets their hopes up…
here is the reason why it’s called pink:
it’s the season’s moss pink that gave its name to the moon.
Of course this is not moss pink but as we’re home bound these days, I can’t go out and take pictures.
I’m missing out on my walks on my favorite hill, which is now at it’s best! Bursting with color…
This is the closest I could find, taken from one of my walks, last April.
So, now we got ‘pink’ out of the way… back to the Super Moon!
No clouds in the sky, so I was expecting the full monty as I saw the first light!
And there it was, rising majestic… but wait
is the moon a bit blurry or is it my eyes?
Trying to focus, again and again…
and I realize, it’s so windy that the atmosphere makes the moon fuzzy!
…she says, in an attempt to justify the result!
But I think tis so!
I can tell you though, it was huge!
Maybe May Super Moon [last of the 3] will be crispier! 😉
Hope everyone is well! Keep smiling!

Stay Safe! 🏡


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  1. I don’t know who your government is enforcing the stay inside rule, but here we can go for walks, walk our dogs and so on. We just have to avoid other people. Or, if we stop to talk use the 6 feet rule.

    • We can go out and walk our doggies, exercise or shop [supermarket/pharmacy] however each time we do, we have to send an sms justifying our exit and if it’s not work [albeit most companies are either closed or employees work from home], we are bound to our area. We have been like this from the beginning of March and I’m guessing because of that we’ve moved very quickly from ‘flattening the curve’ to a decline of cases and our top of the curve was quite low too. So, eventhough I’m missing my freedom, I’m grateful that our gov took those measures. So, as I say these days… here’s to getting back our freedom safely soon! 😉

      • That’s about the same for us, except that we don’t send sms. There is another reason why your curve is flattening so quickly. The size of Greece. While it is spread out, the country is fairly compact. The real problem with freedom coming back soon is that nobody has an idea of how the virus actually works. For instance, in Wuhan, some people who have recovered are getting sick again. That implies that like so many other viruses it continues to live within us after we are well. There is a working theory brought on by AIDS research that says, the cold we caught when we were one year old is the same cold we catch today. We need a vaccine and a real treatment protocal. Stay safe.

        • I know… I’ve heard about it coming back… we just need some time until a cure is found. For now, there are already a couple of treatments being used successfully, so fingers crossed! On Greece’s size… sure, however the numbers I’m referring to are much much lower than the ones of the flu and on ‘compact’… unfortunately being the borders of Europe and surrounded by the sea, we’re also under a huge refugee crisis. Anyway… lets hope a cure is found soon. Take care, my friend!

  2. Ah, Marina, these photos remind me of the ancient moon goddesses – Selene and Artemis. I fell in love with Greek mythology as a child and consider that these narratives are as important to us now as in ancient times. Thank you for reminding me of those marvelous stories. Hugs and love speeding their way to you.

    • Ah, thank you so much for such kind words, Rebecca! It’s strange how these two were somehow related. Selene: soul of the moon and her name means ‘light’, which you already know. What always sounded odd to me is how Artemis [my middle name too] as goddess of hunting is also the tutelary /guardian of children and… animals! Oh, well…
      Sending you love and many hugs back!

    • A ha ha haaaaa….. old habits die hard huh?! 😉 Ah, you mean the one with the city lights and the …huge white moon above! If only the atmosphere would let me focus better…
      Thank you, my friend!
      You too!!!!!!
      Yamas!!! 🍷

  3. You sure got some gorgeous shots! My tree would look fabulous, simply fabulous, in front of that moon! 😀 I’m working your Pear Tree into the new story. Probably episode 3.

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    How fabulous that you were in a position to see it rise… I got a nice clear pic myself but not with such a back drop!

    • That moon moves around ya know? The other day it was behind a building so I didn’t expect to see it at all!!!!! 😉 Did you post your moon? I’ll go check… [tomorrow probably, it’s getting late here!] xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. First of all, good job of managing expectations. 🙂 Beautiful colors on your hill. And I think the fuzziness gives an added aura of mystery to our lunar friend.

    • Yes, well… at the times we’re living one has to look on the bright side! 😉 Thank you so much for the fuzz justification attempt! You’re very kind! 🙂

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