the process of moving air
into and out of the lungs
by bringing in oxygen
and breathing out
carbon dioxide.
A simple
that is



Breathe In


Breathe Out


Mindful Breathing

As Taught By The Buddha Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh

and if that don’t work:



Stay safe everyone! 🏡

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  1. Wonderful and Zen post, Marina!
    The video is new to me, oddly interesting!
    I actually read this yesterday, but I was still listening to Sergei P. I still have one or 2 to go! I took a break to come back here!

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  2. I too am a believer and a student of breathing practices. Almost all the Masters prescribe breathing as a panacea for the well being of our mind and body.

    And here you have taken us to nature to show us how nature breathes so silently and deeply.

    Many thanks dear Marina and best wishes to you 💐💐

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  3. Very beautiful! Yesterday I watched a video lecture about mitochondria and respiration, which was very instructive and illuminating. But this post is just beautiful.

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