Beatles : The Night Before [Help, 1965] [reblog]

from Oannes blog…

for Friday

🎧 click on the image to see original post and listen…

…και ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου [ας είναι απ’ τα “ελάσσονα”] τραγούδια των Beatles.

…and one of my favorite [regardless being one of the “minor”] Beatles songs.



Stay Safe 🏡

More about these reblogs

Lately I have been rebloging music videos from Oannes new blog. For my friends who didn’t know, or wonder why…. Oannes [aka Socratis Papahatzis] is my husband, partner in life and music and the one with my undying admiration. Together we have a band MK-O [the music of Marina Kanavaki & Oannes]. So, it’s my pleasure to share with you his [and mine] musical selections. Although here I reblog mainly his musical selections, he writes exceptional articles on various topics [some may need translation], so do visit his site. He has my highest recommendation!

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  1. I agree. Last night I had a hankering to hear “I’ll Be Back,” another minor one, but always a favorite. That and a single that came out roughly in the same era, “Yes it Is.“ There’s something similar about the vocal harmonies. Something model, probably. You could probably tell me volumes about it. I just realized that although when I said minor I meant minor hit, they both bounce back between a minor and major key if I am correct. Not a musician.

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    • Yes, they do go minor/major…
      Minor hit is what Oannes meant too. But they are such gems… These guys were such a …fortune blessing. As if it wasn’t enough that each one was super talented, they met each other creating such a unique bond, prefectly completing one another.

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