One May evening sky

Two birds
the evening sky
fluffy creatures
orange, pink and white
the evening sky
soft pale and gentle
they will soon fade
to sweet gray
for the moon
to take the sceptre

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


Roxy Music

Oh look at the sun, it’s all a-glow
Slow burning star, sinking low
Heaven knows where you go
Out of sight, out of minds eye, no
Aw such a shame, you must leave
All day long you were a friend to me
Still, the moon’s company

Until morning when larks will sing
Horizon’s appointment you’ll keep
For sun swept flamingos must sleep
Scenes like these from my dreams
Cover cutting-room floors all over

Warm heart we spin slowly from view
Why are you sad, do you disapprove?
How we’ve wasted our time
Sunset, end of my day, my decline
Postscript you trace colors the sky
Red-letter light fades, is filed away
Sunburst fingers you raise
One last sigh of farewell, goodbye

Songwriter: Bryan Ferry
Sunset lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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  1. …. and MAY I say that your pics are stunning!
    Just love them!
    So I know the Roxy music song quite well! So, I’ll skip it for now…. YES, I’m still listening to Oannes’ podcast!

  2. Beautiful evening skies and accompanying words. It’s been years since I’ve listened to Roxy Music.

  3. Wonderful evening sky. The kind of sky you can gaze upon and drift off in wonder. The birds are brushes on the wing. What’s that structure where you included the rooftop? I imagine some scientific observatory?😊😉☺️❤️🙏really fabulous photos my friend. I hope 🤞🏼 the middle of the week is treating you, Oannes and Herra well.

    • Ah, my dear friend, what a beautiful comment… It was such a breathtaking sky that evening. You probably mean the solar water heaters / panels on top of that yellowish building [next to Gandalf who’s playing incognito!]… if only I could fly above to get a clear view of the mountain [Penteli]. However, there is an Observatory in the picture, on the right side of the mountain, the Athens Observatory… did you mean that?!
      We are well, my friend, as well as one can be these days. 😉 I hope you are well too! 🙂
      _/ \_

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