Pantera : Becoming [Songs Of Childhood Nostalgia] [reblog]

from Oannes Songs Of Childhood Nostalgia #27

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Όχι ακριβώς νοσταλγικό… αλλά μια καλή ιδέα του “πόσο μακρυά” μπορεί να οδηγήσει κάποιον η [ψυχική] κακοποίηση σε παιδική ηλικία…
Από το magnum opus των Pantera, Far Beyond Driven, 1994.

Not exactly nostalgic… but an example of how “far beyond” a man can be driven, from [mental] abuse during childhood…
From Pantera‘s magnum opus, Far Beyond Driven, 1994.


❝ A long time ago I never knew myself. Then the memory
Of shame birthed its gift.
No more. The small one, the weak one, the frightened one.
Running from beatings, deflating. I’m becoming more
Than a man. More than you ever were. Driven and burning
To rise beyond Jesus.
I’m born again with snakes eyes
Becoming Godsize
I found my life was slipping through my hands. Perhaps
Through death my life won’t be so bad.
I can see you, can fuck you, inside of you. Staring through
Your eyes. Belittle your friends to serve me, to suck me,
To realize my saving grasp. I of suicide. I the unlord.
I’m born again with snakes eyes
Becoming Godsize ❞



Stay Safe!

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  1. I remember coming across a Pantera album at a record store, remember those?, in the early 80s when I was still in college. The De Tomaso Pantera was my favorite car back then. I never owned a Pantera car because I couldn’t afford one, but here was a group with the same name, so they had to be cool. I bought the album, but I don’t think I liked it very much. They still had a cool name.

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