Eventide quiet

There’s something special

about eventide,

the moments around the sun’s setting.


yet alluring.


animate & inanimate


in perfect black.

Oh, look, there’s a mushroom-like building

on top of that faraway hill!

And my first attempt moving intentionally the camera [ICM]

Wishing everyone

a beautiful Monday

and week ahead!

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  1. What great lighting! Eventide, how romantic!
    Is this from in Athens, or your mom’s?
    Thank you for beauty, Marina!

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  2. Eventide is an old-fashioned English word, one that preserves the original meaning of tide, which was an interval of time. Only later did the word become associated with the rising and falling of the sea, and eventually that newer sense drove out the older one.

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  3. I love the simplicity and mystery of silhouettes. While monochrome photography may get rid of the ‘distraction’ of colour, silhouettes go further on the path to minimalism getting rid of the distractions of tone and texture, leaving only pure form.

    Your powerline silhouettes are fascinating!


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  4. “Silhouettes,
    animate & inanimate
    in perfect black.”

    Your photography reflects the beauty of your poetry. Traveling to your side of the world from my kitchen table, is a wonderful way to start my week. Hugs and more hugs!

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