Antonio Caldara [1670 – 1736] : Crucifixus [reblog]

from Oannes

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Άγνωστος σχετικά σήμερα, ο εκ Βενετίας …πρόγονος του Απόστολου Καλδάρα [πλάκα κάνω, περί συνωνυμίας πρόκειται] ήταν ονομαστός μπαρόκ συνθέτης, που έχαιρε μεγάλης εκτίμησης από σύγχρονους ομότεχνούς του, όπως οι Bach, Telemann. Αλλά και από μεταγενέστρους, όπως οι Haydn, Mozart.
Ακουμε ένα μικρής διάρκειας χορωδιακό, από την St. John’s Choir του Cambridge υπό τον George Guest. Στο βίντεο κάτω, σύνθεση του AC για τσέλο [από cd που κυκλοφόρησε φέτος].

Relatively unknown today, the Venetian Antonio Caldara was a renowned Baroque composer, highly regarded by his contemporary peers, such as Bach, Telemann. But also from post-borns like Haydn, Mozart.
We hear a short choral, from St. John’s Choir, Cambridge, dir. by George Guest. On the video, below, a cello composition by AC [this year’s cd release]



Stay Safe!

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  1. Thank you both for reintroducing me to this composer: it’s been many!!! years since I last listened to his music.
    As I have a large collection (sheet music/LP/CD and FLAC files) of the other Antonio, this could be an interesting search for what recordings are available, 🙂

    • It’s always wonderful discovering or rediscovering composers, especially of that era. I personally think that they are still unsurpassed to this day (not that there’s any need that they be surpassed!). Thank you, my friend and I will forward your words to Oannes too. Enjoy! 😉

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