Andy Williams : Get Together [reblog]

from Oannes

for a Sunday morning

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Μετά τον “θεό” Tom Jones, από την ίδια εποχή, τα χρυσά ’60s, ο χλιαρούλης στα όρια του υποτονικού, συμπαθής όμως με τον τρόπο του Andy Williams. Συμπαθής ίσως γιατί τον πρωτοείδα / άκουσα στην τηλεόραση των παιδικών μου χρόνων [’70s]. Ίσως και γιατί το πνεύμα της εποχής ήταν τέτοιο που οι πάντες, όχι μόνο οι “θεοί” είχαν τις στιγμές τους.

After “god” Tom Jones, from the same era, the golden ’60s, Andy Williams, flabby on the verge of sugary, but likeable to me somehow, in his own way. Maybe because I first saw & heard him on my childhood TV [’70s]. Or maybe because the spirit of the time was such that everyone, not just “gods” had their moments.

Happy Sunday!



Stay Safe!

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        • Ah, yes…. beautiful song. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
          [don’t get me started on ‘political correctness’… I fear that there will come a time when we won’t be able to utter a single word, just exclamations! If governments were genuinely interested in more just societies, they’d strive to have their people educated and not abundantly serve the ‘technological marvels’ which gradually turn us to illiterate, numb and passive citizens – sorry about this mini outburst, it’s the rebel artist outing! ;-)]

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