Hour returned and hug your peg day!


Well, today is the blessed day we get our hour back.

The one stolen back in March for DST*.

This was the sunrise on this fine day!

As if this wasn’t enough joy

for a beautiful sunny Sunday,

looking closer at my laundry line

I notice something weird on a peg.

Sure enough it’s a cicada hugging a peg.

I hope I didn’t disturb his peaceful moment.

So, people if you didn’t know [like me],

today it’s Hug Your Peg Day!

The laundry incorporates some Hera hair also! 😉

Happy Sunday, everyone!

and don’t forget to

Hug Your Peg!

*Every year I celebrate this change with a post.
See last year’s here:
Daylight Saving Time… Away with you!

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    • Oh, poor little cicada, it’s the end of season and he found shelter in my clothespin. Normally I’m not that fond of insects but I thought he was so helplessly cute!
      Happy getting your hour back!

  1. Hmm, I don’t have a peg, so I’ll hug Jeep!
    Our DST get back is this weekend, Oct. 31.
    Great shots Marina. I’m especially fond of the Hera hairs. If you need, I could send you some Johnny fur to go with them.
    So, what would you like 3, 4 kilos? I’ve got all you need!

  2. Loved those images Marina.. That little fellow obviously enjoying the shelter and comfort of your clothes peg.. Wonderful shots of him/her… And our animal pet hairs get everywhere lol..
    We enjoyed our extra hour …. Was up early and got some home garden chores done….
    Hope you have a beautiful week Marina ❤

  3. Glad to hear that you are enjoying ‘taking back control’ of the lost hour!

    Only thing is, they will steal it back again come spring.

    But live in the moment! And hug a peg.


  4. How wonderful is that? Love the cicada pics. Really does look like he’s hugging the peg!
    Happy Get Your Hour Back! Ours isn’t until… November 1

    • LOL yes! 😉
      They’re our summer harbingers every year and as the days get colder their voices become fainter. Last year I remember hearing a lonely cicada in December during an evening walk. It made me smile and wonder what he was singing! One day he stopped.

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