Medea’s …persistent snow

Day 2 of snow

…lots of snow,

non stop snow

the persistent snow


Gandalf under snow siege!



…and now, if you don’t mind ,

I’m off to play!

Happy Tuesday!

…wait mom, you forgot to add me running in the snow! Duh… humans….

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  1. Ahh, poor old Gandalf! Still he looks fab in white!

    Okay, Hera running in the snow is the best!!! What a precious friend you have, Marina!

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  2. Welcome to Canada! I’m tempted to take some snow shots when I’m out in the car, esp at night. But they won’t let us do that while the vehicle is operating, which makes it impossible. Unless I park and shutdown but I find once I get going I don’t like to stop. I saw on news just now that you are advised to not go outside! Must be strange for you guys… 😇

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    • Yes, we were also advised not to go out, but kids and dogwalkers were out all day! 😉
      Not very strange though. We get snow every year, just not that much. It’s been 3-4 years since the last big snowfall that covered the city.
      Indeed, driving and taking pics is not a wise idea. I did it in the rain as I loved the melting reflections of the lights on the windshield.
      Snow though is more dangerous!❄️⛄️❄️

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  3. The snow is pretty. I’m sure Hera had a great time! I know our dogs love snow. I’m not sure where you are in Greece, but I think of it as a hot and dry country, though I also know it is mountainous. Do you get snow very often?

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