Break of a break

Our warm break

is having a short break

of chilly winds

Sunrise today

spectacularly heavy clouds

always welcome!

Margaret Atwood’s words seemed appropriate:

“What breaks in daybreak? Is it the night? Is it the sun, cracked in two by the horizon like an egg, spilling out light?”

Happy Thursday!

ps…. sad news about the orange. Someone picked it up. I expect the bin to be leaving soon!

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  1. I appreciate that Margaret Atwood quotation. Native speakers of a language seldom stop to question why certain things are called what they’re called, or expressed in the phrases that they are. For example, with the verb understand, what are we standing under, and what does standing have to do with comprehending?

    • Expect some warmth to be back then! Our chill is smoothing up! Thank you, my dear Laura. I thought it was appropriate!
      Happy Friday to you too and a great weekend ahead! xoxo

  2. Beautiful photos and excellent haiku and share of Margaret Atwood!
    As to the orange… it was its time; what can we do?
    Happy Almost Friday!

  3. OH NOOOOO!!!
    Not Romeorange!
    I Only hope someone threw him into Juliettebin.

    Happy Thursday into Friday.. if you’re not an orange.
    Who knows? They could actually be together, in A Mid Spring’s Night’s Dump.

    As a romantic, I’ll dream!

    • I’m so glad I caught it on time!
      Ah, yes, the sunrise offers so many possibilities & new beginnings. One more day in our lives. Precious.
      Thank you, my dear Rebecca! xoxo

  4. Let the early light shine down. Beautiful photo. Sad news on the orange. Señor Orange RIP.

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