Spring Equinox

I usually play with the moon and the sun on this day,

however, this year I chose rebirth,

in two ways.

A watercolor of a tree

from bare branches to golden leaves


a burst of growth in a tiny piece of land

Happy Spring Equinox everyone!

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  1. I looked up equinox in Greek and found ισημερία, which seems to mean ‘equal sides.’ Now, three days later, we have unequal ‘sides’ of day and night again.

  2. Happy Spring Equinox, a day late. 🙂 A passerby yesterday wished me Happy Summer Solstice, but I knew what she meant. Lovely pair of pieces, one water color and one photo with the same beautiful palette. You know your greens…and yellows…and browns…

  3. Happy Spring!!!
    You are an Equinox, my dahling!
    The art and the photo are totally congruous.

  4. Happy Equinox, Marina. I love your trees. That photo is outstanding with the spines making organic hexagons over the foliage with lichen accents on the edges. Really wonderful.

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