Bach & Haydn

On this day,

March 31st, 1685

German composer and musician of the Baroque period

Johann Sebastian Bach


March 31st, 1732

Austrian composer of the Classical period

Franz Joseph Haydn

were born

We listen to


Die Schöpfung Hob. XXI:2 / Erster Teil

1a. Einleitung. Die Vorstellung des Chaos (Largo)



Erbarme Dich


Matthäus Passion


Julia Hamari

Clouds from mt Penteli, Athens, at sunrise


Stay Safe!

22 replies »

  1. Gorgeous cloud photos, Marina!
    Darn it, the Haydn video is unavailable.
    And the Bach piece is divine… thank you!

  2. You had me looking up Bach’s birthday, since I remembered the date as being a March twenty-something-or-other. And then I encountered the Old Calendar-New Style conundrum.
    Putting him and Haydn on the same birthday somehow seems more fitting, even exciting.

    • Till last year I thought I had the same birthday as Bach [21], to my disappointment it was -as you say- Old Calendar [Julian] date 🙄. So you’re not the only one! But I agree with you that it makes perfect sense Haydn & Bach have the same birthdays. Thank YOU!!!

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