Yellow to yellow

Winter to Spring in Yellow

Seeing these little beauties on my walk

I remembered our lemons

dressed in fluffy snow

Both radiant.

Happy Thursday!

Stay Safe!

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  1. Yellow to you!
    I love it! It is spring!
    It’s Friday, now, so have a mahvellous weekend, dahling!

    • Awwww….
      Yes, Spring!!!! Mouah!
      A mahvellous weekend to you, sweet Resa!!

      • It really does! Tell me, how come you don’t put the various share buttons on these posts (twitter, etc.) but you do on others?
        Happy Friday to you! And yes! Weekend is here! 💛🌞🥰

        • I don’t? …… Thank you for letting me know! I had no idea “I don’t”! It’s supposed to be on on all posts but now I see it doesn’t actually show on all. So I have to go back and check.
          If only I could do a bulk edit on that, but…
          If you hadn’t spotted it I never would have known! THANK YOU, kind lady!!!!
          Huge Hug!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Those are beautiful little flowers. Lovely snowy lemon shots. Lemon snow is much better than the other yellow snow.

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