Albrecht Dürer “Pond in the Woods”

Pond in the Woods

Watercolor and gouache on paper • Northern Renaissance • 262 x 374mm • circa 1496 • British Museum, England

self portrait

Albrecht Dürer

German painter, draftsman, printmaker, and theorist of the German Renaissance,
was born in the Franconian city of Nuremberg.

May 21, 1471.

His style: Northern Renaissance

Check my tribute to this great painter here: Albrecht Dürer



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  1. Albrecht Dürer – 1471 – is still here with us!
    Nothing endures the passing of time like art.
    Music, painting, theatre (coming soon with Shakespeare) then onto writing, then photography, filmmaking …. and now?
    Yes, not all get into that special hall of fame, yet I think the percentage is higher than other ilks of humanity.

    • He certainly is! (Thankfully!)
      That is very true, but at least, as you say, a hight percentage actually does, even uf it’s post-mortem.
      Mouah! ❤🌺❤🌹❤🌺❤🌹❤🌺❤🌹❤🌺❤🌹❤🌺❤🌹❤🌺❤🌹❤

      • Ah yes, die in poverty, and then let the businessmen get rich!
        Good plan adopted by many artists, for sure.
        Andy Warhol was one of the exceptions. Like his work or not, he did set the retail benchmark for other living artists.

        • That he did indeed but maybe bwcause if him many non artists got to be celebrated as ‘great’ ones too.
          Businessmen always win, one way or another! 😉

  2. I love Albrecht Dürer. I’ve seen a lot of his paintings and woodcuts in museums. A person who worked for me as a temp staff on a short-term project several years ago stays in touch. I give him small jobs now and then, and old equipment because he is a collector of stuff. One day he showed me a portfolio of prints from woodcuts by Albrecht Dürer that he found in some obscure location. The prints were beautiful. We can’t imagine they are original, but they were individual prints with velum sheets separating them in the portfolio.

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