Albrecht Dürer “Christ among the Doctors”

Christ among the Doctors

Oil on panel • Religious painting • 64,3 x 80,3cm • 1506 • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain

self portrait

Albrecht Dürer

German painter, draftsman, printmaker, and theorist of the German Renaissance,
was born in the Franconian city of Nuremberg.

May 21, 1471.

His style: Northern Renaissance

Check my tribute to this great painter here: Albrecht Dürer

& here: Albrecht Dürer 2


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  1. What an amazing artist, Marina! Thanks for entertaining us, but for also educating us. 🙂 Hugs! ❤️❤️🌸❤️🌸❤️🌸❤️

  2. Marina – I love your birthday celebration posts. I did a little research behind “Christ among the Doctors and found out the Durer painted this in 5 days (Opus Quinquennial Dierum) while he was working at the Feast of the Rosary Altarpiece! Can you imagine 5 days. Unbelievable. Thank you for your wonderful posts – always a joy to stop by. Hugs and more hugs.

    • Thank you, my dearest Rebecca and thank you for sharing that information. Amazingly unbelievable!!!
      More hugs back and love. Have a beautiful Sunday! ☀️🤗

  3. I love Albrecht Dürer. I think his self portrait is the male Mona Lisa: An ex-employee who come to visit from time to time found a portfolio of prints from wood cuts by Albrecht Dürer at a garage sale and got it cheap. The people didn’t know what it prints were or their value. That was an impressive find.

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