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  1. “There’s some sketches with faces and hands.
    Others with lines that go up and down.
    Some in the middle with some pots and some pans.
    She’s a girl and he’s a man.

    It’s been Eighteen weeks and she knows what she wants.
    Eighteen weeks she really knows what she wants.
    Eighteen weeks She wants to get away.
    From being locked down in the same place.
    Making best of inner/outer space! Oh Yeah!”

    OK! That’s really pretty bloody awful. But I’m wowed by 18 weeks reminding me of Alice Cooper and coming of age! Is anmar eligible to vote now? I’ looking forward to week 19.

  2. Happy Sunday to you Marina, and have a great week ahead!
    Adore Anmar News!
    xoxoxoxoxo 🌟🎨🌟🎨🌟🎨 xoxoxoxoxo

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