And again…

Our fire ball


the gentle caress

of the gray veil

so, I keep clicking!

Gracefully fading …

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Again I am early for Wednesday and Thursday. It’s like I get here before you can even post! 🙄😉

    Fab shots! ☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦☀️☁️💛❦

    Have a fab rest of the weekend, and a great SUNNY week ahead!

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  2. These are so beautiful, Marina. They have both a screen print, and a layered paper picture look to them. They are simply mesmerizing. Is that one of your crows in the first photo and last photo? It looks like you are really enjoying your time vising the sea, and the sun. Can you see the moon through the haze?

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    • You are right about the layered paper feel and screen print. So glad you’re enjoying them! Well, could be one of my crows! The Moon would have been extra crisp and clean and I am regretting I didn’t stay longer to greet it. Too tired! 🙄

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