Peter Paul Rubens “The Four Rivers of Paradise”

The Four Rivers of Paradise

[Die vier Flüsse des Paradieses]

Oil on canvas • Allegory • 209 x 284mm • circa 1615 • The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

self portrait

Peter Paul Rubens

Flemish artist and diplomat
was born in the city of Siegen, Germany.

28 June, 1577

His style: Flemish Baroque

Check my tribute to this great painter here: Peter Paul Rubens



Stay Safe

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  1. Such marvellous chiaroscuro defining the forms!

    And those little cherubs out to be careful, playing like that oblivious right next to some fearsome wild beasts.


  2. I love Peter Paul Rubens. I remember last year’s tribute. It was nice to visit it again. It’s amazing another year has come and gone.

  3. I am celebrating with you, Marina. I enjoyed going back to your first post which provided an brilliant overview of Peter Paul Rubens artwork.

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